Who was james dean dating when he died

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But when he realized the Roths had invited a newspaper reporter who was doing a story on Dean, Stock got up and left.

"It was a publicity setup," he recalled with disdain.

When Jimmy was five the family moved to California.

A record, "His Name Was Dean," put out on a small label, sold twenty-five thousand copies in a single week.

James Byron Dean, son of a dental technician and a farmer's daughter, Winton A. Dean, with their young son, moved to Fairmount shortly after his birth.

and Mildred Wilson Dean, was born February 8, 1931, in the "Seven Gables" apartment house at 4th and Mc Clure Street in Marion, Indiana. During their time in Fairmount they lived in three homes within the town's limits and in a small home located at the north edge of the Winslow farm.

Walter Winchell printed in his column the rumor that Dean was disfigured but still alive.

Other stories insisted that it had been a hitchhiker and not Dean who had been killed and that the actor was in hiding while learning to operate his artificial limbs or that he had been placed in a sanitarium.

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