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After three minutes of interacting with one organization, a bell rings, and all prospective volunteers rise from their seats and move onto another station.Jeanette Wason, events assistant with the Sacramento Zoo, said, “This is a really important event to bring in volunteers because many of these organizations rely on their volunteers to help them, and if they didn’t have them they wouldn’t be able to continue to run their programs.” The Leadership Grand Rapids program hosted a similar event back in August aimed at recruiting nonprofit board members.You can spend weeks emailing back and forth, only to find that there’s zero chemistry face-to-face.This month it was revealed the number of crimes following meetings through dating apps has risen nearly 20-fold in London over five years.Participants at the event met with executives from 14 local nonprofits for five minutes each before they were ushered to the next table.Matthew Downey of the Johnson Center for Philanthropy also hosted a seminar session, in which the group spoke about ethical dilemmas, fundraising duties, and other issues and responsibilities involved with serving on a board.Surely there is a more generous, less stressful way of connecting?I finally limped through my door at 2am, my shoes ruined from the long walk home.

were Nick Preddice, CEO, The Affinity Group LLC, TD Bank, RPW Group, Wilson & Son Jewelers, Chubb North America, Empire City Casino, Corporate Audio Visual Services, and Hospitality Resource Group, Inc.Does recruiting volunteers face-to-face make a significant difference over recruiting volunteers online?As part of the Boot Camp, which ran throughout the fall, more than 50 Business and Civic leaders were first inspired by a panel of seasoned board members who presented the win-win of this level of volunteerism.Purpose: The position of Organization Director serves as the main organizational lead for all of UX Speed Dating.They drive the organization’s mission of providing unique and highly useful programming for the UX design and start-up communities here in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

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