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The 5th-generation i Pad’s significantly lower price than the model it replaced (the 0 i Pad Air 2, our previous top pick) makes it even more appealing and simplifies the decision between it and other i Pad models: Although the i Pad Pro and i Pad mini models will be better for some people, the 5th-generation i Pad is the best all-around value.(Though you may want to spring for more storage.) Only slightly bigger than the standard i Pad but considerably faster, the Pro has a larger, better screen, better cameras, and support for Apple’s Pencil.As a result, you may be wary of buying a particular i Pad model because an updated version, or a replacement for that model, might be released soon after.Apple updated the standard i Pad in March 2017 and its i Pad Pro lineup in June 2017, so it’s safe to buy from those lines through the end of the year.That said, the best i Pad for you depends a lot on what you’ll use it for and how much money you can afford to spend on it.(If you’d like to save some cash, you really should consider buying refurbished.) We’ve tested all the models available.released in spring 2017, is the best tablet for most people because it offers the best combination of speed, features, screen size, ecosystem, and price.The i Pad line is the best selection of tablets for many reasons: They’re solidly built, they perform well, they have fantastic screens, they run a reliable and easy-to-use operating system, and—maybe most important—they have the largest app library and accessory ecosystem of any tablet. If you’re looking for the best tablet, your biggest question is likely “Which i Pad should I buy?

We’ve updated our guide with the most up-to-date information.You also get software video stabilization, though you don’t get the Pro models’ optical stabilization, camera flash, Live Photos feature, or wide-color photo capture.If you need a smartphone-class camera in a tablet, you’ll want to check out the Pro, but this i Pad is fine for taking occasional photos in good lighting.The 12.9-inch i Pad Pro is identical to the 10.5-inch model except that its screen is as large as—and has 37 percent more pixels than—the display on a 13-inch Mac Book Pro, giving you a full-size onscreen keyboard and a massive surface for sketching and working with media.Apple also still sells the 2015 i Pad mini 4, though we don’t think it’s a good buy for most people.

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