Sex ses

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So, the evil, this dark, dark energy, is very smart and very experienced in this whole process of capturing energy, hypnotizing it - what term you would use - "enslaving" it.

Evil enslaves through torture of the physical body, one of the easiest ways to take energy from another, sexually the very easiest.

The enslavement of another person or another soul carries over from lifetime to lifetime.

Some of you have carried, did carry, over energies from other lifetimes into this based on sexual abuse, and then found yourself trapped in it again, perhaps somebody else doing it to you.

If your mate feels comfortable with this, that is one thing.And that is what humans are being told day after day after day to worship, to patronize, to follow.They're being told that this God is going to someday judge them if they don't follow the rules.Many of you have been enslaved - or still are - because of sexual abuse. Here is one who has a past life energy that has been brought into this lifetime, and it is not just his.It started a long time ago; it wasn't just in this lifetime. He is also taking on many of the dynamics of an ancestral sexual abuse energy, and he was part of that ancestral lineage.

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