Rules dating muslim man

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Space will do good for now until he figures stuff out. You may want to add another week to that by waiting to see if he contacts you first.It's not as though he said that he would settle this the minute Ramadan ends.I knew he was a player and he knew I wanted there to play.So the old fligns disappeared and we started a serious relationship.I moved in to his home and all the ex flings were GONE!

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Think about the situation that he is in right now also.

I dont want to waste 6 years down the road and him finally say "you're not the one".well, over a drunked call to him last weekend we made the break official but no discussion since about how long.

i'll wait til the end of ramadan (sept 20) to discuss things.

But there is also pressure to send them money every month. we all know love does crazy things and i want to be with this guy but I have to put up with knowing marriage isn't coming anytime soon and he is supporting his family and isn't ready to support me.

I'm not ready for settling down because I want to focus on school and my career.

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