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Shot Spotter’s founder, Robert Showen came up with this idea all the way back in 1994 when he kept hearing the sounds of gunfire in neighboring East Palo Alto.Over the years, there have been a few minor improvements to the technology to try to weed out more false positives (from other loud noises).In March of 2017, Shot Spotter was once again down to just million in cash but had debt and current liabilities of million.By this time, Shot Spotter had never turned a profit and had an accumulated deficit of million.Not surprisingly, each of these banks has been able to ignore the wealth of information that I present in this article.A large December fee event will no doubt provide a nice bump up in each of their year end bonuses.Not surprisingly, the bankers behind the IPO are also the exact same banks who are pumping out bullish research on Shot Spotter.When the lockup expires on December 4th, these are the same banks who will make millions of dollars in banking fees by running the secondary offering for the insiders to sell over 8 million shares.

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At one point, Shot Spotter decided to change the direction of its business and attempt to create a“big data” play on its detection of gun shots. After more than 20 years of providing cash infusions to keep afloat this struggling business, these private investors were finally unwilling to put in any further funds.

Both the Miami Police Department and the Broward County Sheriffs Department have publicly gone on the record to state that Shot Spotter simply does not work.

Worse than that, implementing the system results in a massive diversion of police resources to unfounded calls, taking officers away from actual crimes being committed.

Sell side analysts continue to ignore these 2.05 million shares. (SSTI) offers software and hardware systems which provide locational information on gunshot activity within covered areas.

When someone fires a gun, Shot Spotter’s microphones detect the gunshot and send the data to a Shot Spotter center in California. Finally, the location of the gunshot is relayed to law enforcement personnel.

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