Newly sober and dating

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Those who are in a close relationship often feel that there is something lacking in it.Hundreds of recovering people stay sober, become honest with themselves and others, make amends, and live within spiritual principles.

Of course, even in intimate relationships that work well, there are times of much closeness and vulnerability, and times of more distance. Progresses Through Layers We can conceive of intimacy as the ongoing process of letting another person know and share more personal things about oneself. People whom one sees from time to time, in either causal or structured settings, will be allowed in to this layer.We will probably share with them some of the high and low points of our lives, such as births, deaths, promotions, moves, and certain problems, without going into lots of details.We let people in to this layer because of a shared task or a common goal: business or study, buying or selling, pursuing a hobby, worship, or other activity. Deeper and more personal things are kept at this layer, and we are more selective about who we let in.He tends to be overly sensitive and is easily upset by anything different or unexpected.The recovering addict's partner is also reluctant to "rock the boat," since the mere fact of sobriety seems (at first, anyway) like a dream come true.

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