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I’m taking unpaid leave so that means I’m spending time as opposed to him spending money (which he obviously has more of than me) and this creates some kind of a balance. I have also met someone who stopped over my town while on the way to another. We exchanged contacts but there was no follow up to travel together and we’re just email buddies. he is very spontaneous and invited me to Montreal for a few days…my first time in Montreal and he wanted me to see the beautiful city.Huffington post’s headline was pretty much a blueprint of the site’s own slogan; TV stations covered Misstravel blind dates; travel blogs ran posts, some critically condemning the service as “prostitution”, others soon telling of own experiences from using the site. All the press coverage provided phenomenal advertising for and its founder, Brandon Wade. One year later, though, the frenzy has settled considerably.Soon, in order the ramp up its brand even more, Misstravel began releasing a bunch of “surveys” about which U. Was this just a brief Internet star, rising fast and collapsing as quickly? The went online to investigate what real proof, experiences and reviews of users have submitted during the site’s first year of operation.All wanted to travel to Paris, if you travel a lot, why have not you been to Paris? Another user who tried her luck was Angelina, who in May 2012 posted an interesting behind-the-scenes account.She didn’t go through with arranging an actual trip, it seems, but appeared not to be in lack of options, had she decided to go for it: Considering that my main photo was not the slightest bit suggestive or “promiscuous”, I was shocked that I actually received dozens of messages from “generous” members and about 10 “trip proposals” within the first few days of being on the site.

And, indeed, there are a few success stories out there, mostly from women.He arranged first class flight and a 5 star hotel room for me in the middle of the city.during the day he had to work so I enjoyed the city and did some shopping alone (I loved that too).I got invited to Miami Beach, Italy, to fundraising event in NYC.I plan to delete my profiles in a day or so but it was definitely a fascinating experiment that has given me even more appreciation for these powerful ladies!

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