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Compare and Contrast Magical Native American and Noble Savage.

It should be noted that in older works (even with anthropology) the term "savage" is used for all cultures that are less technologically sophisticated than the (usually Western) writers.

It didn't necessarily mean brutal, though other negative connotations are implied, like inferior intelligence, morality etc.

Nowadays the term has long been discredited, and the similar "primitive" seems to be going the same way.

Infrequent abhorrent acts of violence perpetrated by the natives against the intruders led to the perception that all natives were brutal savages, especially considering that the settlers were all saints.

He is a lively dining companion: a lusty eater and a quicksilver conversationalist.

“He’s got that incredibly beautiful style when he talks that ranges from erudite to brilliantly slangy,” his friend Nigella Lawson observed.

Bourdain is a font of unvarnished opinion, but he also listens intently, and the word he uses perhaps more than any other is “interesting,” which he pronounces with four syllables and only one “t”: .

the President of the United States travels outside the country, he brings his own car with him.

Moments after Air Force One landed at the Hanoi airport last May, President Barack Obama ducked into an eighteen-foot, armor-plated limousine—a bomb shelter masquerading as a Cadillac—that was equipped with a secure link to the Pentagon and with emergency supplies of blood, and was known as the Beast.

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