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For their first public performance in the local town of Barnstaple, 43-year-old Nicky Scott, a former soldier herself, sang the first solo. ‘I just couldn’t be bothered to make friends, having moved so many times. I went up to 13st 7lb, as all I did was stay in, cleaning and comfort-eating.Mercifully, when the men’s tour came to a close, every soldier from Chivenor returned alive — though sadly Plymouth’s 42 Commando had suffered fatalities, reminding the women of what could have been.For by her own admission, she is a woman whose whole life has been led behind the scenes.Samantha is a military wife and, like thousands of others in her position, she’d long ago accepted that she was not the ‘star’ of the family.Malone gave these women a public face and, more importantly, a voice as, little by little, he coaxed them out of their shells to tell their stories ..sing. The quiet courage of the Military Wives’ choir has created such a wave of public support they are now — by popular demand, and backed by BBC Radio 2 — taking on The X Factor’s shallow and fame-hungry wannabes for this year’s Christmas No 1 slot.As they gather for tea, mince pies and gossip in a cosy home on the barracks, the talk is not of fame at all.

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Slowly and surely, the women — and the choir — grew in confidence.

This Tuesday, they practised for the first time with a new choirmistress, as Gareth has moved back to London — though he says he’ll definitely keep in touch.

Lewis was initially drawn by the chance to be on TV, but soon discovered he loved being part of a choir.

He moved out for a few months, we co-parented our boys (now ages 4 and 6), we drafted a legal separation agreement. Given reality, given our children and our family and our professional dreams and so on, my life, as it is today, is better/easier/more supported with him than without him. And I don’t know what more to expect, or how to think about all of this.

We were able to experience, and imagine, what divorce and a two-home family would be like. Everyone would be okay no matter what direction we ultimately took. I would have married my ex-boyfriend if I knew then what I know now. Well, my “the One” certainly wouldn’t have spent 4 years screwing hookers. And, in truth, I see him for who he is TODAY and I don’t want to lose that man. I think I am at a place where I do believe a marriage can survive. I do believe there is life, together, beyond D-day and that the two people can even grow stronger, more real, than before. That you accept a life of peace and contentment, but not happiness.

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