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It was a thrill knowing five or more cocks had been inside her and she knew why I enjoyed my sessions with her.

I'm arranging a meet with a couple where the hubby wants me to fill his wife's mouth with my cum so it dribbles out of her mouth so he can photograph it.

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So there I was, hungover and half asleep and she lowered herself onto my hard cock.

Even in my hungover state I could feel that I'd just entered a very wet, squelchy pussy and as she leaned back I could see her clit was swollen and hard, how it usually looked after I'd had it in my mouth for a while.

Hi guys, We would love to hear stories of men coming inside another man's woman. To the men: what's it like seeing a man cum inside your woman?

Extremely horny, having my cock in her just fucked pussy, lovely squelchy sounds and I soon added another load of spunk inside her.Michelle loved Lees delight at his wife knicks and pussy drenched in my cum, I would then just watch as Michelle took Lees cock, lubricated by my cum...Chatting later we all agreed that it was an amazing feeling for all three of us...sorry for being so long in explaining.."Hi guys, We would love to hear stories of men coming inside another man's woman. To the men: what's it like seeing a man cum inside your woman?That particular GF also brought her friend around one evening, resulted in my first threesome, entertaining in a student room, in a single bed.Earlier this year Dee and I were at a wedding feeling really horny so I set up a meet there and then and took her to a strangers house , once there after a very short intro she knelt down over the settee and I pulled her knickers down to her thighs and I told the guy to mount her , we took turns fucking her from behind then flipped her over he was really turned on and pounded her hard with her legs over his shoulder they were so carried away he just spunked a huge load right up her instead of pulling out , when he pulled his cock out his cum was running out of her pussy , I just slid mine right in , it felt incredible and I took seconds to add my spunk , when I pulled out she was on a strangers settee , legs spread with spunk running out of her swollen pussy , we wouldn't normally do something so risky but god it was horny , we still get really turned on thinking about it .

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