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Within a couple months I went from where almost nothing could bother me to having gotten so angry recently I have felt "possessed".I started to ween myself off slowly (with talking to my Dr) when I started to notice my personality change- as anger seemed to take hold so much easier than ever before.fear though, is the most debilitating emotion that can exist, it does not even matter what the fear is about, because fear is simply a complete lack of acceptance.The inability to accept is the source of all that is out of balance.if there are children involved in the future, I don't want them to see their father like that.That being said, I'm not willing to just give up and say oh well, it is what it is and throw away everything....I think he can help you tremendously there though, to find those talk to each other about code words to remind him to cool down in the moment---couples therapy might be a smart way to also like a side effect- it is just a sign that something needs to be dealt with.

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Things to consider- Here is my 1 cent opinion- any way you slice it, something has to change- quickly.

Are you prepared to stick around if he refuses to speak the truth to his Doctor and things get worse?

I will tell you this- knowing I have a capacity for rage, i was forced to drastically find my boundaries of what I will and will not stand for.

If he is unwilling/unable to call his Dr or unwilling to look into many different types of , decide if you need to.

I think he needs to understand that it could actually get much worse--is he prepared to put you through that?

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