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guest workers Dramatic shifts in patterns of women's employment in Hong Kong are integrally related to the increasing numbers of foreign domestic workers.

The concern of Hong Kong residents over the sexuality of foreign domestic workers-which is most clearly articulated through attempts by residents to control, discipline them, constrain their sexuality, and enforce their own morality on them-is not about the actual sexual licentiousness or lax morals of foreign domestic workers.

On Sundays in Hong Kong's Central District, in what decades ago was an elite and largely male territory, young, nubile, foreign women gather in the thousands on their day off, "taking over," as the locals say, Filipina domestic workers in Hong Kong are viewed as sexually threatening and thus in need of strict discipline.

In this article I present and analyze the discourse on the sexuality of Filipina domestic workers, arguing that their reputation is linked primarily to their ambiguous social and class identities, and to broad changes in the familial and economic landscape of Hong Kong.

According to one government survey, the median monthly household income for employers of full-time domestic workers was ,000 in Hong Kong dollars (U.

S.,500) in 1993, and over 62 percent of households with a monthly income of ,000 (U.

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