Dating a male model

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Obviously I jumped at the chance - I'd only ventured as far as Turkey before and that was with my old man!The next day I was in the States, meeting casting director and photographer, along with 50 other model hopefuls all vieing for the same job, all of them felt about a foot taller then me and looking several years older. The next thing I knew I was asked to fly to LA to test with the supermodel Natalie Vodianova, and from this I ended up securing the global Calvin Klein jeans campaign, much to the excitement of my family and friends.You could be the best looking guy in the world with admirers falling over you, but if the agency’s decision maker doesn't see that special quirk in you, then it's over before it even began.Male models are usually between the height of 6"2 and 6"3 but sometimes agencies make special exceptions.

It's a powerful agency but with Tandy and her two close friends at the helm, I soon felt at home and part of the family.I once arrived on a shoot and everyone was very surprised that I spoke English, as they heard I had been scouted on a Russian fishing boat.In my case, I was 15 years old and had tickets to the annual Clothes Show Live event in Birmingham.I found it all very strange and they taught me some tricks of how to look good in these impromptu snaps, i.e keep your chin down and, whatever you do, don't smile.It was all over in no time and I went back to looking around the show.

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    Now, it isn't clear whether SB or the A lister or even the escort or our hated widow knew the full story of these models.