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Carroll explained that reviewing each profile, in addition to Mutual’s other policies, is a proactive approach to creating the right type of online dating environment.

“I believe that we can create a strong online community that upholds the LDS values,” Carroll said.

With more and more success couples in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it’s only natural for more and more Mormon singles to want to see what all the fuss is about!

Fast becoming the best way to meet prospective partners outside your ward or community, it’s easy to understand why.

“I see more vulgarity and crudeness than I do when I first got it a few years ago.” The creators of Mutual agree with Call’s critique and hope to create an online dating environment that respects LDS Church standards.

Interested parties must have a Facebook account in order to establish a profile on Mutual.

She agreed that it can be difficult to identify LDS singles through other dating services.

Call explained it can take an entire afternoon of looking through profiles for potential matches to find just a few that could work out.

Mutual is similar in concept, but is unique in its approach as it is designed specifically for LDS singles.

Boice came up with the idea for Mutual after graduating from BYU in 2014 and relocating to Arizona.

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